Monday, January 24, 2011


AIDS in the world rarely makes headlines anymore. In the mind of the public the disease is still believed to be a sexually-transmitted disease mostly affecting male homosexuals, drug addicts, prostitutes and promiscuous people. Starting officially in June 1981 as a "gay disease" affecting only a few dozen men, there are now 800,000 reported U.S. AIDS cases and 460,000 deaths, mostly young men. Twenty-two million people have died of the disease.

         In this turmoil, no one really cares about how this perilous and prevalent malady originated in the first place. People claim that AIDS came from Africa, but, if we put more light upon the fact, how is that sexually and biologically possible? US scientists assert that AIDS is an African "heterosexual" disease, whereas the first case of AIDS in America was observed in Manhattan in 1971 and the subject was a white homosexual man. If it was a heterosexual disease, how come a gay in America become a victim? No one knows about the contrasting fact but there is enough evidence to conclude that AIDS was not a quirk of mother nature.

            HIV/AIDS originated due to a series of experiments in the development of vaccines by the US government. Prof Jakob Segel, a biology professor at Humboldt University in then East Germany concluded that HIV was researched at US lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA. The then President of the US, Richard Nixon permanantly joined the Fort Detrick lab on October 18, 1971. The lab was famous for its cancer research. Although, no cure was possibly found, the experiment ended with disastrous results. Although, it was not just an atrocious scientific experiment that slipped out of hands, since it was a success in Africa. Both America and Russia collaborated in the research of the virus at Fort Detrick and transferred the virus into non - human primates such as monkeys, chimps etc during the late 1960s before the outbreak occurred. AIDS virus was commonly noted in chimpanzees and "green monkey" of Africa. The green monkey was kept under observation and its blood was synthesized. Years later, after a series of exercises, HIV virus was created, waiting for orders to put it into use.

             The first human experiment reportedly occurred in the Belgian colonized part of Congo (Africa), where prisoners were bargained for their early release by taking the vaccine. Apart from that, villagers were offered $30 for their participation in the experiment. Apparently, the virus was created to keep a check on the population growth as well as to annihilate the homosexuals. There is documented evidence that the World Health Organization (WHO), under direction of the US government, actually injected the smallpox vaccine laced with the AIDS virus into millions of unsuspecting Africans. Years, before, W.H.O was responsible for injecting syphillis into 400 African men in the late 1940s in Tuskgee. W.H.O's small pox vaccine co-related with 50 - 70 million Africans in different parts of Central Africa, with the upsurge of AIDS. This article was posted worldwide EXCEPT in the American press.

                    W.H.O even started tainting the AIDS virus in polio vaccines in 1980s in Nigeria. Probably, this is the reason why there has been a marked increase of polio cases because of the fear of being infected with AIDS. In USA, staggering documents unveil that the famous drug company BAYER CORP (manufacturers of "aspirin") sold millions of dollars worth of an injectible blood - clotting medicine meant for haemophiliacs to Asian, Latin and some European countries in the late 1980s, even though they knew that it was defiled with AIDS. Bayer and Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) agreed to keep things away from the public while they made profit by setting a catastrophe. In 1997, a lawsuit was filed against the Bayer Corp and the case was held in court where Bayer allegedly admitted that he knew that the drug was tainted with AIDS and he shipped it regardlessly. Bayer Corp's avarice led to sudden proliferation of AIDS in various countries worldwide, especially in Japan, Canada, France, Iran, Iraq and Italy.

              Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to have won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995, allegedly commented in an interview with the Times magazine that AIDS is a biological weapon manufactured by the developed world, intended to obliterate the entire black race. People in 21st century believe that the most lethal ravagement can be established through nuclear warfare, but the greatest havoc can be created with the simple usage of a needle! Based upon the facts that I have mentioned, it is clear that W.H.O and the United States certainly hatched a plan for genocide, but the plan got awry. There has been several conjectures that AIDS possibly could have spread in humans by consuming uncooked chimpanzee meat in Central Africa. Africans have been eating the chimpanzees from a very long time, even before the origin of AIDS. The big question to all of us is -


No one probably could not answer these questions and yet it remains as one of the greatest and unsolved mysteries of all time.