Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Human life is best when compared to a sea; an immense receptacle of treasures which contains both pleasing as well as detrimental elements of surprise. When I look at the sea from a distance far away, it all seems so calm and placid. But when I  come closer towards it, I hear constant chaotic screaming and roaring. As we come very close to someone, I believe, if we try to hear closely, we hear the same screams coming out of their soul. The constant process of movement of the waves, serves as a mirror to oneself, to make us realize that we, like the waves, have such a topsy-turvy and deranged survival.

          But, in the end, when the sea touches the shores, it is tranquil and serene, all alone by itself, subsiding away. This evokes that how lonely we are in this world and the encumbrance of our survival lies solely upon our frail shoulders. Out of the existing 24 hours of my day to day life, I crave to value one special moment, to stop reflecting upon my past and rejoice the truth that there is still so much beauty and freedom in this world; just as the sea does, by bathing in the sun, watching the birds soar away and giving shelter to innumerable lives.

Life differs from sea in two different ways; the first one is that life is mortal unlike the sea and the other one is the fact that the sea never keeps anything from anyone. At one point of time or another, it returns the favor. I think, this petty flaw needs vigilance.

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