Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I recently had this feeling that, maybe if I never grew up, I would have been a better person. No one ever said that life would be fun when I was a kid and I always wanted to prove them wrong, thinking them to be sadistic and cynical. But now I guess..... they were all correct! My life has turned into a labyrinth with affliction and fiasco, posing as a silhouette, lurking behind every corner of a possible crossroad.

If i could go back, just the one time, I'd realize........

1. The worst wound I'd get would be falling off the guava tree, trying to steal from my neighbor and my friends laughing out loud for my failure.

2. The biggest concern in my life would be the anxiety when the recess would come and I would have the most exciting 15 minutes of my day, still hoping that the recess time might extend.......

3. I wouldn't mind sitting with an opposite sex and share tiffin meals with her, because I would be paranoid, thinking that she is gross.

4. I could see two of the other kids, holding hands, kissing and hugging each other and when people watch them, they would call them cute and nothing else.

5. Saying goodbye to someone would mean "see you tomorrow"!

6. The worst fight I could ever get into would be over who gets the most amount of candies during Christmas or who wins the bicycle race first.

7. I could laugh my brains out, when I see a friend taking food from another friend's tiffin, asking him rhetorically,"Do you mind?", while the latter says he doesn't by putting a fake smile.

8. The best gift, I can give to someone I love, would be an assortment of hand-made greeting cards on Valentine's Day and no one is afraid to say "I Love You", because no one really cares what it means!!!!

                                 - By Supratik Sarthak (Ronnie)
                                    In the memory of all the lovely
                                    days of my childhood.

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